Our Philosophy

Marblehead Natural Healing

At Marblehead Natural Healing we are committed to helping health-conscious people heal and understand the deep inner workings of their mind/body connections. Our Holistic Toolbox includes the healing modalities of gentle chiropractic, Transformational Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition Response Testing, Infrared Sauna Therapy and other intuitive complementary therapies.

The guiding principle of our work is that we support the person from all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We believe that health must be approached in a holistic way because what happens in your life happens in your body. Stresses, whether structural, emotional, dietary or chemical, effect posture, immune system response to infections, the ability to eliminate toxins, speed of recovery from stress and how you feel about yourself. At Marblehead Natural Healing, we are dedicated to helping our clients experience vibrant lives and boundless energy by addressing their health concerns in a multi-layered approach. We design individualized treatment protocols to help you experience optimal health and wellness for today and into the future.


Our offices are also an art gallery for local artists to hang their work.


Dr. Devorah's Office